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How would you like to spend a luscious 8 hours with me and my partner Ralph via online video streaming to get trained and certified as a Hypnotic Beauty and Hypnotic Charisma specialist? You will pocket $1197 worth of all the hypnotic beauty and hypnotic charisma goodies in the known universe including all of our eBooklets, all of our audios, our electronic Instruction Manual, Powerpoint, and one-on-one personal coaching.  Plus, most important of all, deep training, immersive hypnosis for you, and a certificate of expertise in hypnotic beauty and hypnotic charisma hand-signed by us that you will be proud to hang on your wall.  All for only $495!  Wowza!

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Youthfulness? Research indicates that hypnosis quickly and easily can effect a reduction in your physical age of between three and 18 years, with a median reduction in physiological age of 11 years — fast and pleasantly! Making yourself younger looking and more beautiful (or handsome) with hypnosis … and being certified to provide this rejuvenating service to your clients … promises to be more satisfying than anything else you have ever done professionally.

Charisma? Charisma can be tuned up easily and rapidly through simple, custom designed, hypnotic techniques for you and for your lucky clients. This training shows specifically, step-by-step, how to use the mind-body connection to transform your emotional tone. Make yourself  and your clients as charismatic as a movie star!

Heightening your own charisma through hypnosis, and teaching others how to become charismatic through hypnosis, offers massive increases in your professional, social and financial success.

Keeping or regaining youth, and enhancing beauty and personal charisma, are benefits with enormous demand and a service you can be proud to offer.


Keen to learn this Superpower? It’s your Lucky Day! Once in a blue moon HypnoticBeauty.com stages these trainings via online streaming — you, from the comfort of your own home. We train you in every Secret we have discovered on how to use hypnosis to grow younger, more attractive, and deeply charismatic!

Our students also receive all four of our Hypnotic Beauty eBooks and MP3s: Introduction; Hypnotic Eyes; Hypnotic Complexion; and Hypnotic Smile.

AND all four of our Hypnotic Charisma eBooks AND all nine of our Hypnotic Charisma MP3s recording and revealing our most advanced hypnotic charisma techniques including Introductory Charisma, Charisma, and the advanced techniques of Subtext, PerSona Charismatic Voice, Mono No Aware, Power Poses, Radical Self-Validation, Self-Soothing Skills, and the Power of YES.  To grow charismatic all you have to do is close your eyes and listen!

The full Beauty and Charisma materials alone sell for $379.95 (and far more than that if purchased à la carte)!

You also receive our information-packed 100-page training manual and our extensive powerpoint presentation. And, best of all, 8 hours of training including delicious induction into deep hypnotic beauty and charisma reveries with each of the techniques. After you have passed the final exam (we are such great teachers nobody has ever failed it) AND taken the solemn Hypnotic Charisma Oath, “I shall use my newfound powers only for Good”…

We then issue you a handsome certificate, hand-signed by both of us, certifying you as a trained and credentialed Hypnotic Beauty Specialist and Hypnotic Charisma Specialist for you to frame and hang.

AND you also get two free one-hour personal and private consultations, an hour with each of us, for personalized training, or to get your questions answered, or for personalized application of our techniques by us, the Inventors and Maestros, at your convenience.  (We apologize if we sound immodest. But as Dizzy Dean once said, “It ain’t bragging if you can back it up.”

And can we ever back it up! Both my partner and I have been inducted into the NGH’s Order of Braid, the highest honor in the profession of nonclinical hypnosis. We are each award-winning. And each of us have been featured on the cover of the profession’s flagship journal, the Journal of Hypnotism.

We are so busy that we only rarely offer this training. That said, some people have begun to clamor for it and we do so love to spread the wealth of knowledge we have accumulated over decades of study and practice. Do treat yourself to this incredible and rare offer before it goes away, maybe for another year?

We’re scheduling it now.  Join in the fun!

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PS, Really, this is the best deal we offer — almost sinfully good! — one that our students rave about.

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Email me at wendy [at] hypnoticbeauty.com or even at my secret personal gmail address, hypnonurse [at] gmail.com!

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