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Now, some people are skeptical of the power of hypnosis. Let’s call them hypnosis deniers.

Disbelieving in hypnosis is just like denying the Earth is round. And just as silly.

Abundant scientific evidence unequivocally attests to the fact that the great majority — between 85% and 90% — can be hypnotized, some very readily so. Those who cannot be hypnotized have merely been “hypnotized” — power of suggestion! — somewhere along the way into believing that they cannot be hypnotized.

Their loss.

(There is even plenty of scientific literature that even animals can be hypnotized. (No stage hypnotist has yet, however, been able to make a chicken bark like a dog.)

Hypnosis is a natural state. And it is a powerful one. Here, at Hypnotic Beauty and Hypnotic Charisma, we open the gates for you to use it for personal rejuvenation, personal beautification, and giving yourself the quality, known as charisma, of compelling attractiveness or charm that inspires devotion in others.

Think of our hypnosis as a “makeover” that, by liberating the power of your deep mind let you easily, sweetly, inexpensively, quickly and safely make yourself younger, more attractive, and more compelling.

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Newsweek, this past April, republished an article by two prominent psychologists, Devin Terhune and Steven Jay Lynn Scientists Are Discovering How the Power of Suggestion Works on the Brain.The psychologists wrote:

Although the effects of hypnosis may seem unbelievable, it’s now well accepted that beliefs and expectations can dramatically impact human perception. It’s actually quite similar to the placebo response, in which an ineffective drug or therapeutic treatment is beneficial purely because we believe it will work. In this light, perhaps hypnosis isn’t so bizarre after all. Seemingly sensational responses to hypnosis may just be striking instances of the powers of suggestion and beliefs to shape our perception and behaviour. What we think will happen morphs seamlessly into what we ultimately experience.

Hypnosis requires the consent of the participant or patient. You cannot be hypnotised against your will and, despite popular misconceptions, there is no evidence that hypnosis could be used to make you commit immoral acts against your will.

The power of your beliefs and perceptions — even beliefs and perceptions you might not be conscious of! — over your body and your life are extraordinary.

From an article in the December 12, 2011 issue of The New Yorker, The Power of Nothing:

Slowly, over the past decade, researchers have begun to tease out the strands of the placebo response. The findings, while difficult to translate into medicine, have been compelling. In most cases, the larger the pill, the stronger the placebo effect. Two pills are better than one, and brand-name pills trump generics. Capsules are generally more effective than pills, and injections produce a more pronounced effect than either. There is even evidence to suggest that the color of medicine influences the way one responds to it: colored pills are more likely to relieve pain than white pills; blue pills help people sleep better than red pills; and green capsules are the best bet when it comes to anxiety medication.

In another New Yorker article, about drugs for mental problems, The Psychiatric Drug Crisis, published in 2013, the author wrote:

Despite their continued failure to understand how psychiatric drugs work, doctors continue to tell patients that their troubles are the result of chemical imbalances in their brains. As Frank Ayd pointed out, this explanation helps reassure patients even as it encourages them to take their medicine, and it fits in perfectly with our expectation that doctors will seek out and destroy the chemical villains responsible for all of our suffering, both physical and mental. The theory may not work as science, but it is a devastatingly effective myth.

We don’t provide hypnosis medically or for therapeutic purposes. (Consult a physician or mental health practitioner trained in hypnosis if that’s what you are looking for!)

We provide hypnosis to make you more beautiful and more compelling.

We have reams and reams of scientific reports that shows how powerful hypnosis can be. And we’ve distilled the best into ~20 minute sessions for you to be enjoyed in the comfort of your home.

More youthfulness? Greater beauty? Powerful charisma?

Easy, sweetly, safely and inexpensively? What’s not to love?

We hope you haven’t been hypnotized into being a hypnosis denier!”

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