Happy New Year O Young, Beautiful and Charismatic One!

Good day, Sunshine!

Paul McCartney has just released a new song, and video, “Who Cares.”

In it Sir Paul plays Dr. Lorenz, “Behavioral Hypnotist and Meteorologist.”

See it here!

I’m thrilled. Confession time.

When I was a Teenybopper, back in the Swinging 60’s, I was in love with Paul, the Cute Beatle.

(Like every other teenage girl in America.)

And then being utterly shameless I called his hotel room when they made their grand debut in New York in ’65.

Someone in that room picked up!

I may actually have heard Paul McCartney breathing!


At long last, I confess!

That was me.

So imagine how thrilled I was to encounter your new release and to hear you singing — clearly to me — that you care!  After all these years!  >Sigh!<

Of course you care for me! How could you possibly not be devoted to one so charismatic as I have now become?

in the music video Paul really grasps hypnosis. As he tells Emma Stone: “If we focus on the pattern instead of denying our own we can sometimes unblock certain things.”  Yes indeed!

W Magazine describes Sir Paul’s new video, which comes complete with swirling spirals — conjoined with Sir Paul’s confusion induction — to transport his subject Emma into a mostly black and white imaginary world like this:

The clip begins in the real world, or some fictional version of it, in which McCartney is Dr. Lorenz, a behavioral hypnotist and meteorologist. Stone’s character visits Dr. Lorenz for his hypnotic abilities, despite admitting feeling nervous, anxious, and skeptical about hypnosis. Her skepticism is soon proved unfounded, as she’s quickly drawn into that dizzying monochromatic setting—her choppy bright-orange bob and rainbow eye shadow offering the only color to the scene—and tortured by the aforementioned pack of mimes, who, for the record, seem to be on pleasant terms with McCartney.

Though the singer briefly rescues Stone from her pursuers, driving her to safety in an oddly flat car, the moment of respite doesn’t last, and she soon finds herself alone in yet another avant-garde, monochromatic universe, this one seemingly the inverse of the last. Her makeup is weirder, and the vibe is much darker, but before those pesky mimes can smite her with lightning bolts, she wakes up, back in Dr. Lorenz’s office. Ah, the wonders of hypnotism!

“Torture” is much too strong.

The mimes are meanies, all right. But no match for Sir Paul’s memes!

Paul drives out Emma’s tormenters.

What has any of this to do with hypnotic rejuvenation? Everything!

Take my hand and let me take you back to 1965 and the Beatles’ debut US concert in Shea Stadium!

So what has this to do with hypnotic charisma?

Why, everything!

Sir Paul? All is Forgiven for your not actually talking to me when you picked up the phone in your hotel room back in 1965.

And … now that my newly minted charisma has made you care and transformed you into a sure-enough hypnotist (and meteorologist)…

I just might be willing to take you back.

Happy New Year Paul.

Happy New Year All!



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And PPS … Sir Paul?

I just know you are reading this!

Big Reveal: I don’t take my Mistletoe down until Valentine’s Day. 

So, Paul? Come on over for a private mutual hypnosis session.

Leave the mimes home. And bring your pucker with you!