O Beautiful, Young, and Charismatic One!

Happy New Year!

It has been a wonderful year for HypnoticBeauty.com and HypnoticCharisma.com. We, thanks to our Webster Regal Blue Media, made the Hypnotic Charisma website more beautiful and charismatic. Our community of subscribers has grown from around 1,000 members a year ago to 3,200 today!

Ina Oostrom, one of our most accomplished certified Hypnotic Beauty and Hypnotic Charisma specialists has created a new online community, based in the Netherlands, to Spread! The Word!  (Ina’s a hypnotic genius. Check it out!)

That said, we have encountered a riddle. If you can solve it you can win the Hypnotic Beauty Superbundle, our complete works, valued at $379.00. While our breakthrough work continues to draw rave reviews and attract new subscribers (forward this issue to a friend and invite them to subscribe!) too few people are purchasing and using our lovingly curated works.

Obviously, growing younger, more beautiful, and more charismatic is very desirable. And we have provided references to many scientific studies that support the claim that hypnosis can make you dramatically younger, more beautiful, and charismatic. Our full Superbundle is far less expensive than many beauty treatments (or charisma coaching courses), not even to mention facelifts which are astronomically more expensive… with far less impressive results than ours. And individual Beauty and Charisma audios are even more inexpensive for the value provided.

If you can decisively solve this riddle — why more people aren’t purchasing these self-hypnosis audios and attendant eBooks and using them to grow younger, more beautiful, and more charismatic — we will send the Lucky Winner a complete Superbundle, free! Just click the Read More button to find out how!

Hypnotic Beauty and Hypnotic Charisma are a breakthrough in the hypnosis profession. We have certified dozens and trained hundreds of people in these advanced techniques. Still, many hypnotists seem primarily interested either using Old School hypnosis for habit-control like smoking cessation and weight loss, in paramedical applications, or in metaphysical applications.

We love riddles as much as the next person. That said, we love to make people more youthful, beautiful and charismatic even more!

The beauty and charisma industry are multi-billion dollar industries. So this puzzles us greatly! Youthfulness, beauty and charisma are obviously highly desirable, even life-changing. Hypnosis is a powerful modality in engaging the mind-body connection to bring these qualities to life. And Hypnotic Beauty and Hypnotic Charisma self-hypnosis is an easy, safe, and delicious interlude in one’s day. Our thousands of subscribers show people are interested.

Can you solve this riddle? If you think you can, email me at info@hypnoticbeauty.com. Maybe so! If your solution is practical and we try it out! If it works we will send you, absolutely free, the full Superbundle. The winner will receive it well before Valentine’s Day!



PS, If you’d rather go for a sure thing in time to make yourself younger and more beautiful in time for Valentine’s Day, just click here and help yourself to the Superbundle, the Beauty Bundle, or a la carte!

Happy New Year!