Oh Hypnotically Youthful and Beautiful … And Wonder-Full One!

Book and Crystal Ball by Dollar Gill, via Unsplash

We have a Wonderful, Wonder-full, surprise for you! Hope you will love it as much as we do.

We’ve made a wonderful discovery! So now I, together with my hypno-partner Ralph, are opening the door to restore Wonder to the world.

We will serialize our new book revealing this secret, titled, Wander in Wonder, at Medium.com.  Then, in about a year, we will publish it as a book.
This book is about how to use almost magically powerful advanced mind techniques to restore the kind of wide-eyed Wonder we all had as children. It will make its readers once again wondrously childlike (although by no means childish).

We have written the first 50 installments and outlined 50 more. So, tada!, we will be using Hypnotic Beauty Secrets over the next twelve issues as a showcase to link you to the latest episodes. We hope to entice you to click, set up an account (free!), read, and clap for us the way we clapped (and clap) for Tinker Bell! 

Our first three episodes are published.

Episode One:

Welcome to Wandering in Wonder: Think Tink’s Light

All babies are born into a world full of Wonder.
You were too.
Please remember that we all, including you, were born with a powerful sense of Wonder.
Have you kept it? Or has your sense of Wonder faded with wear?
If faded, want it back? Fresh and good as new?
If so, we are here to help you regain it. Just follow along.

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Episode Two:

If You Wonder What Wonder is … and How to Get More of It … You’ve Come to the Right Place!

In Part One, here, we let you, dear Reader, in on the secret of the secret War on Wonder. Now, you are in the know about the Forever War waged by the “Enlightenment” on us.
Us, Romantics. And a few tips on how we can win that war.
More to come.
Next up? Let’s get as clear as we can about what we mean by Wonder.
The definitions and studies that we’ve been able to find are pretty poor. Scientific scholarship on us, science’s gorgeous antithesis, is also thin.
Even the dictionary definitions of Wonder are underwhelming. Yet we found synonyms that capture the essence of what we mean by Wonder. Let’s put aside our dictionary and pick up our thesaurus.

One good synonym is “numinous.”

Per Wikipedia:

“Numinous is an English adjective, derived in the 17th century from the Latin numen, that is … a ‘deity or spirit presiding over a thing or space.”

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Episode Three:

In which We Explore the Ancient Origins of the Word “Wonder,” and Alice in Wonderland, and Dorothy in Oz….

The New Oxford American Dictionary defines “wonder” as:

  • • a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable
    • the quality of a person or thing that causes wonder
    • a strange or remarkable person, thing, or event
    • having remarkable properties or abilities …
    • desire or be curious to know something
    • [ with clause ] used to express a polite question or request:
    • feel doubt.
    • feel admiration and amazement; marvel:
    • be surprised. …

It gives us pleasure to trace words back to their roots. Let’s explore what the Etymological Dictionary says:

  • For the noun, “Old English wundor “marvelous thing, miracle, object of astonishment,” from Proto-Germanic *wundran (source also of Old Saxon wundar, Middle Dutch, Dutch wonder, Old High German wuntar, German wunder, Old Norse undr), of unknown origin. …
  • For the verb, “Old English wundrian ‘be astonished,’ also “admire; make wonderful, magnify,” from the source of wonder (n.). Cognate with Dutch wonderen, Old High German wuntaron, German wundern.”

A marvelous thing!

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