Wonderful Flower Pod Picture! (Thanks to Johannes Plenio at Unsplash!

Oh Hypnotically Youthful and Beautiful One!

As we revealed last month I, together with my hypno-partner Ralph, are opening the door to restoring Wonder to the world. Including, if you like, your world. We have decided to serialize our new book, Wander in Wonder, at Medium.com.
The book is about how to use almost magical psychological techniques, indistinguishable from hypnotic reverie, to restore the kind of wide-eyed-wonder we all had as children., Become childlike again. We shared links to our first three episodes in Issue #100. Here are the 10 episodes we published in June!  Come, click, read, and clap the little hands icon up to 50X to help the Medium editors discover us and reveal us to their millions of readers! 

What Wonders will you find by clicking?

Jun 29

Get off the Highways, Explore the Byways, to Find Wonder Again!

Jun 26

A few quadrillions of eras, a few octillions of cubic leagues

Jun 22

Meander to Wonder….

Jun 19

Wonder as a Great White Whale

Jun 16

In High and Far-Off Times the Elephant, O Best Beloved, Had No Trunk….

Jun 12

Curiosity Can Be Cultivated

Jun 9

To Wonder Powerfully Become Curiouser and Curiouser

Jun 6

Take Heart: Ten Lessons in Wonder

Jun 2

The Marchen Chronicles

Enjoying Wandering in Wonder with us? Then click on some of these episodes, scroll down to read it, and, if you like what you read PLEASE click on the little hands icon fifty times for every story you like. That will let Medium’s editors know that we are gaining a following and encourage them to feature our episodes on their front page so millions can find it!

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While, going forward we are pivoting to Wonder (and hope you will come with us!!!) our youthfulness, beauty and charisma self-hypnosis materials remain available for purchase on Hypnotic Beauty and Hypnotic Charisma ….

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