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The Journal Socioaffective Neuroscience & Psychology recently published a comprehensive study by neuroscientist Adam Safron concluding that sexual activity puts people into a “trance” state. While technical it also is fascinating, especially to hypnotists. Trance is widely associated with the hypnotic state. Dr. Safron digs down!

Dr. Safron enumerates music, dancing, and making love as “trance” inducing, curiously neglecting to include hypnosis and meditation:

With respect to body awareness, intensely focusing on immediate sensations—such as those produced by rhythmic stimulation – is likely to reduce the amount of mental capacity available for other things, such as self-narratives …. Extreme sensate focus has the potential to crowd-out ruminative processes …. Rumination as a predictor of relapse in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for depression …  and even prevent the recruitment of neural resources for other mental simulations …. Pictures of appetizing foods activate gustatory cortices for taste and reward…., including the kinds of imaginings required for modeling the self in the past, future, or other counterfactual situations…. Decreased mental time travel to the past correlates with default-mode network disintegration under lysergic acid diethylamide. …  Such an experience of sensate focusing and altered self-processing may be most appropriately referred to as a kind of trance state. If this trance occurs in the context of another individual who is similarly absorbed, then it could potentially contribute to feelings of connectedness along with the expansion of self-other boundaries. …


Music and dance may be the only things that come close to sexual interaction in their power to entrain neural rhythms and produce sensory absorption and trance …. Indeed, this may be one of the primary reasons we sing and dance….

We at HypnoticBeauty.com actually do not routinely use “trance” to describe the hypnotic state. We, like Ormond McGill before us, prefer the word “reverie.”  Why is that?

“Trance” as dictionary defined suggests a diminished state of awareness. As those proficient in hypnosis know, even the deepest hypnotic state into which we guide our subjects is a heightened state of awareness. Neither consciousness nor self-control is lost, nor even reduced.

The heightened awareness is merely a way of processing information in a different, but no less alert, manner. Dr. Safron sums it up in an interesting way by calling it “sensate focusing and altered self-processing.” We prefer the simpler word “reverie,” which evokes daydreaming.

Reverie points to the bringing into consciousness the imagination — rather than logic — “ruminative processes.” What is not generally understood … except in the world of hypnotic practitioners … is how powerful is the impact that Imagination can have on our lives, our bodies, and how we can use it to enhance the lives of others such as our clients.

One of the demonstrated impacts of the state of reverie, properly applied, is to make us physically younger, more attractive, and more charismatic.  So… listen to the audios we’ve recorded for you! Enjoy the reverie — doing so is enjoyable in a way that is comparable to music, dancing, and making love!

Listen and experience yourself getting younger, more attractive, and charismatic!



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