Oh Youthful, Beautiful And Charismatic One!

Marlborough Faire — The National Guild of Hypnotists Annual Convention — the biggest, most rewarding, and the best hypnosis convention in the world — is coming up: August 11 – 13!

We’ll be teaching our best stuff! Amazing stuff!

Will we see you? Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold. Click here to enroll!

The Guild has scheduled us to give a full two-day Summer Institute post-convention practitioner certification course. We’ve expanded it from our former one-day class so we can take you on a really deep dive to ensure you emerge with mastery. We will be conducting this after the Convention, on August 14-15 so … be prepared for to stay for our afterparty. You’re invited!

Click here and under Post Convention Selection click and scroll to #224, Hypnotic Charisma, and RSVP Yes!

For only $375 you will get a $1,000+++ value — including all our self-hypnosis audios and eBooks, a comprehensive 100+ page manual on a flashdrive, a Power Point presentation that you are authorized to use, and private consulting from both of us.

Best of all, get, your Certification as a Hypnotic Beauty and Hypnotic Charisma specialist.

Want to know more?  We will be doing a free online NGH teleseminar at 9PM EDST on July 13th. More details about how you can participate in that coming!  (But you don’t have to participate to take our Summer Institute certification. Enroll today!)

We desire you as a full partner in bringing these hypnotic breakthroughs to the world. Some of the testimonials we are receiving are so powerful that they make us want to take our own course. (Not sure how we can but … Yes! You! Can!)


Ozy, a great online magazine, reports:

Modern baseball players are bigger, faster and stronger than in any era past. Still, one thing remains the same: constant failure. Slumps and mental implosions never cease to hijack seasons. For that reason, individuals like [mental skills coach Harvey] Dorfman are becoming the norm.

Today, at least half of major league teams have a full-time mental skills coach on staff, and some, like the Cubs, have implemented comprehensive mental programs at every level of the organization. Baseball is changing — and the new path to success is the six inches between the ears.

In his book Crunch Time: How to Be Your Best When It Matters Most, longtime pitching coach and performance guru Rick Peterson outlines a strategy that has helped so many of his players triumph. “Reframing” is one’s ability to view a difficult situation in a different light. Peterson contends that via evolution, humans become naturally defensive under pressure. Defensive mechanisms are essential for survival but are often detrimental in sports or business. To combat this, Peterson has spent his career teaching players how to calm their nerves and reframe tense situations into scenarios ripe for crunch-time excellence.

The concept of guiding a player on the road to mindfulness and emotional control is the essence of every mental skills program popping up in clubhouses today. Baseball is a simple game with thousands of pressure-packed situations that form a complex matrix. Players who are relaxed and able to relish their own self-confidence are often the game’s best.

There’s another name for “mindfulness and emotional control.”  We call it Hypnotic Charisma … and Hypnotic Beauty. It can be yours, for life, by downloading our audios and eBooks, individually, in a bundle, or in The Superbundle.

And you can get it all plus be certified to practice … just by taking our Summer Institute Certification class right after this year’s NGH Convention.

Take me out to the ball game!



PS If our Certification course is beyond your reach this year just help yourself to the Hypnotic Beauty and Hypnotic Charisma Superbundle — all of our works — here for a superb value!  Go ahead. You’re so worth it!