O Beautiful, Youthful, Charismatic One!

Coming up Fast! August 11 – 13! The National Guild of Hypnotists Annual Convention We sure hope so! Click here to enroll. Sign up today! It’s the biggest, and the best hypnosis convention in the world!

But wait! There’s more!

We will conduct our near-legendary certification course — expanded from one to two days — at the NGH Summer Institute, right there at the Convention center, on August 14-15. Extend your stay and spend it with us, learning, and getting certified to practice, all the arts of Hypnotic Beauty and Hypnotic Charisma.

We’re also both on Convention Faculty for 50 minute and 2 hour seminars.

Will we see you?

We hope so! And we hope you hope to see us!

In fact, we hope you are feeling such a desire to be in our amazing company AND to learn all you need or desire to know and make yourself a proficient Certified Hypnotic Beauty and Charisma specialist — with a certificate signed by us! — that you’ll treat yourself to two extra days in Marlborough after the NGH Convention.

Click here and under “Post Convention Selection click” and scroll to #224, Hypnotic Charisma, and … sign up!

For only $375 you will get around $1,200 of value — including all our self-hypnosis audios and eBooks, a comprehensive 100+ page manual on a flash drive, a Power Point presentation for you to use for free, and post-class private consulting from both of us, an hour each, for a full year after the training, whenever you like.

Best of all, you will receive our unique Certification as a Hypnotic Beauty and Hypnotic Charisma specialist. Our training draws awesome testimonials, so treat yourself! The epic Roy Cantrell, of lowcountryhypnosis@gmail.com, reports:

After using both Hypno-Charisma and Hypno-Beauty with clients for almost a year, the following positive results by clients from ages 14 to 85 years of age have been experienced: Younger looking eyes; Younger skin appearance; Age lines disappeared; Sales increased dramatically for marketers and salespeople; Quality of sleep improved; Got my walk back; Internal stress habits decreased; Lost weight; Became a better parent and mate; Work stress reduced; Fellow employees noticed major changes for the better; My closest friends say I’m now much younger all over. Act like I’m 25 years younger at least; My face has changed to look so much younger. Years have just vanished away in less than 2 months of working with Roy. (Among other glowing praise!)

Want to know more? We will be doing a free online NGH teleseminar at 9PM EDST on the night of July 13th. The NGH will email you the log-in information. And so will we!

(But don’t wait to sign up for our Certification class. Enroll today!

We desire you as a full partner in bringing these hypnotic breakthroughs to the world! Give in to our desire!)

Now. More ON The Mind-Body Hypnotic Connection For Charisma.

At CNBC.com Travis Bradberry, ”the world’s leading provider of emotional intelligence tests and training,” with whom we are not affiliated and whose endorsement we do not imply, provides ten Mind-Body hacks — which are indistinguishable from hypnosis. Among our favorites are:

4. Open hands and palms create trust
There’s an employee policy at LEGOLAND that says whenever someone asks where something is, the employee “presents” (open-palm gesture) their directions instead of “pointing” them. This is because the open-palmed gesture conveys trust, making people more likely to agree with what you’re saying and to find you friendly and likeable. Pointing, on the flip side, is generally seen as aggressive and rude.

8. People’s feet reveal their interest
When talking to someone, pay attention to their feet. If their feet are aimed at you, they’re interested and listening to what you’re saying, but if their feet point away from you, they’re most likely disinterested and mentally checked out.

10. Showing excitement makes other people like you
This one goes back to the idea that we mirror the behavior of those around us. If you show excitement when you see someone, they naturally mirror that excitement back at you. It’s an easy way to make a strong first impression and to get people to like you.

Yes, come let us show you our excitement to be teaching, and for you to be taking, this Certification class!



PS If you cannot come to take our certification class in Hypnotic Beauty and Hypnotic Charisma Superbundle — all of our works — here  — for a superb value!

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