O Young, Beautiful and Charismatic One!

Have you heard about the Aegean island of Ikaria, “the island where people just forget to die?”

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Photo of Ikaria from Wikipedia, by Zacharaias Mitzelos, CC0 1.0 License

It’s a magical place. It is also a real one.

And we have discerned that the hidden-in-plain-sight-super-secret to the long lives and healthiness of its residents is … hypnosis.

Follow along.

We respectfully submit that the facts show a trained hypnotist that the people of Ikaria live in a state of hypnotic reverie. Dr. Dan Buettner, a scientist writing for The New York Times Magazine, devoted a long article to the long-lived Ikarians back in 2012. His story centered around a man named Stamatis Moraitis who immigrated to America from Ikaria after WWII and returned to his native island in his mid-60s:

“Easing himself into the island routine, he woke up when he felt like it, worked in the vineyards until midafternoon, made himself lunch and then took a long nap. In the evenings, he often walked to the local tavern, where he played dominoes past midnight. The years passed. His health continued to improve.”

He also…

“reconnected with his faith. On Sunday mornings, he hobbled up the hill to a tiny Greek Orthodox chapel where his grandfather once served as a priest. When his childhood friends discovered that he had moved back, they started showing up every afternoon. They’d talk for hours, an activity that invariably involved a bottle or two of locally produced wine.”

The scientists with whom Dr. Buettner works looked at a lot of lifestyle factors to help explain why Ikarians tend to live so long. There is their plant-based diet, low in meat, dairy, sugar and white flower. Plus they grow most of their own food, connecting themselves with the long cycles of the seasons. They drink abundant health-supporting herbal teas. (And wine!)

They have fun and don’t hurry or scurry. Plus they enjoy abundant Horizontality: sleep, naps and sex! Napping at least 3x a week correlates with a 37% decrease in coronary heart disease. A quarter of the nonagenarians they asked reported regular sex with good duration and “achievement.” They have rich social lives conjoined with a lifelong sense of purpose.

As “one 101-year old woman put it… with a shrug, ‘We just forget to die.’ The reality is that they have no idea how they got to be so old. And neither do we,” says Dr. Buettner.

That’s wonderful scientific humility at work. We here at HypnoticBeauty.com do not possess such humility! We offer, instead, a winsome self-confidence.

And we know the one secret ingredient about the island where people just forget to die.

Lean in and let us let you in on the secret.

The secret ingredient is hypnosis. We have identified a much better word for the hypnotic state than the ordinary but scary word “trance.” The better word is “reverie.” Reverie means a day-dreamy state where imagination and emotion, rather than critical thinking and logic, come to the fore of our thinking.

It is obvious to us that the people of Ikaria live pretty constantly in a state of, or very close to, reverie. Ikarians live inside a waking dream. Reverie.

That’s the state of hypnosis, nothing more, nothing less.

And they live long.

Once upon a time a small controlled scientific experiment showed that within the hypnotic-youth state of reverie the bodily aging process reverses. People’s muscle tone and ability to hear high-pitched sounds — qualities of youthfulness — improve. So do other markers of youth.

The Big Reveal!

In hypnosis we hook in to a different pulsation of time. Hypnotic Time is not the meticulously ticking of a clock.

Hypnotic Time is not the clock’s arrow-sharp hands.
Hypnotic Time is not associated with the numbers 1 through 12 that stand for the number of hours of the day and night.
Hypnotic Time is not the minute hash marks that mark out minutes or seconds.
Hypnotic Time is the opposite of the time that sends us scurrying like the White Rabbit looking with consternation at his pocket watch.

Hypnotic Time is a luxurious, organic, phenomenon.
Hypnotic Time is the slow movement of shadows cast by the sun.
Hypnotic Time rocks us in its slow cradle.
Hypnotic Time is the swinging rounded body of a glittering gold pocket watch.

Time dilation – minutes seeming like hours – is a well-known hypnotic phenomenon. Hypnosis Time is the secret sauce of something close to eternal youth.

We prescribe hypnosis for youth, beauty and longevity… never as a cure for a medical condition. If you can’t move to Ikaria or somewhere like it, the next best place for you is waiting right behind your eyelids.

Live in a state of hypnotic reverie. Feel the years melting off you.

Welcome to hypnotic youth and beauty.



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