O young, beautiful and charismatic one!

Cody The King of the HypnoDogs

Meet Cody, my Shih Tzu.

(That’s Tibetan for “Lion.” Only smaller.)
And he’s a dog hypnotist. No really!

Follow along.

We’ve known for a long time that hypnotists can hypnotize dogs (and other animals). There’s a book called Animal Hypnosis by F. A. Volgyesi that goes into this in great depth. My hypno partner Ralph and I both have a copy. Amazon ranks it #5,657,0008 in popularity. So it’s not exactly a best seller…. But it’s pretty amazing.

Why are we telling you this?

There’s something to be learned from the ability of animals to be hypnotized and to hypnotize us. It teaches something valuable about the very nature of hypnosis.

About five years ago there was a minor sensation when hypnotist Krystyna Lennon auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent.

She had her dog, Princess, hypnotize the famous Simon Cowell and others.

Princess recently retired. And her human, Krystina, got another wave of publicity by claiming that Princess hadn’t hypnotize Simon at all.

She claims she fooled them. It was, she now claims, just the Power of Suggestion.

Hypnosis Insiders, like you and me, got a good chuckle out of that one. Why?

Because “the Power of Suggestion” is synonymous with hypnosis.

So saying this was just like saying that, “Princess didn’t really hypnotize Simon because she hypnotized Simon.”

The media, naturally, fell for it hook, line and sinker! Faceplant!

In the UK’s Daily Mail, last year, reporter Katie Weston reported:

A former Britain’s Got Talent star whose dog ‘hypnotised’ Simon Cowell has revealed the pooch is actually a fake.

Krystyna Lennon, 45, took the talent show by storm when German Spitz Princess, 11, left a dozen audience members and hosts, Ant and Dec, on the floor during her audition in 2015 – claiming it was her hypnotic pooch’s wide pupils and deep stare which drew people into a trance.
The mum-of-three and her fluffy assistant went on to enjoy a long and celebrated career on stage, travelling all over the world while Princess hit headlines for hypnotising other celebrities…

‘I’ve had an absolutely hilarious journey and have had the chance to meet so many celebrities who all say they have been terrified or really excited to meet me. It does make me laugh when I look back at all the people I’ve hypnotised and they believe that the power lies with the dog.’

Well! As we have always said, “All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.”


Whether a hypnotist leads you into the deeply alert, deeply relaxed hypnotic state that we call “reverie” … or whether you go there by yourself … or you lapse into the state while reading a book or watching a movie … or by gazing into the eyes of a puppy …

it’s all hypnosis!

Then we just use that state of consciousness to awaken our deep mind, via the imagination, to new, life-enhancing possibilities.

So simple that even a puppy can do it!

Doubt it?

Well meet my owner, Cody-Long-Live-The-King-Hypnodog. (Photo above!)

I’m his pet human. He thoughtfully takes me on walks around the neighborhood several times a day. He has trained me to give him his favorite treats, sweet potatoes, regularly. He has trained me to point at him on command, just by barking at me! AND Cody puts me into hypnosis every night and many days by snuggling, flooding me with affection, inducing that a state of deep relaxation and day-dreamy mental alertness. That’s the hypnotic state.

And, of course, I use our hypnotic techniques to stay young and beautiful, grow my charisma, and lead me into the state that is called, at the end of Fairy Tales (also hypnotic!) Happily Ever After!

You can too! Just order our self-hypnosis audios and eBooks, and spend a few minutes a day, or a few times a week, in deep reverie. Grow younger, more beautiful, and more charismatic!

That’s the Power of Suggestion!




Cody the King HypnoDog says:

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