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One of the top distance runners in American history was on the radio recently. She spoke  about how crucial her mental state was to her physical:

So these were discoveries that were so profound. And then we moved to gratitude lists, and imagery, and positive affirmations and all these things that were transforming me and enabling me to really deal with setbacks in running a lot more easier, and also in life.

Her story certainly provides more proof of the power of hypnosis – the very kind of hypnosis we offer you right here on audios and eBooks – to make you look and feel much younger, make yourself more attractive and beautiful, and make yourself powerfully charismatic.

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There is a lot of lore in the professional hypnotists’ community – my partner and I are reckoned by our peers among the top 100 nonclinical hypnotists in the whole world, so we know — about great athletes who used, or were suspected of using, hypnosis to take their game up to the next level.

A dozen issues ago we reported on how the book Crunch Time: How To Be Your Best When It Matters revealed how professional baseball now uses “comprehensive mental programs” – a fancy name for hypnosis – as a perfectly legal performance enhancement technique. “At least half of major league teams have a full-time mental skills coach on staff.”

Now, this just in!


Deena Kastor is one of the top distance runners in American history….


Kastor holds the American record for women in the marathon. In 2004, she won the bronze medal at the Olympics in Athens. But setting records and winning that medal took more than brutal physical training — she had to change the way she approached the sport mentally.


Kastor writes about those changes in a new memoir, “Let Your Mind Run.”


“I think the whole point in my book … was trying to show that mental evolution of the past two decades of my career. How, as soon as I started looking at how a shift in my thinking could shift the physical effort that I was in. Instead of ‘don’t give up,’ I changed it to ‘maintain contact.’ And when my mind was in ‘don’t give up,’ when that was my mantra in my head, I was just fading off this pack, and as soon as I realized that I was using negative words – ‘don’t’ and ‘give up’—I switched to ‘maintaining contact,’ because that’s actually what I wanted out of my body, and by telling my body what I wanted it to do, not what I didn’t want it to do, I felt a complete energy shift in my body, and I pulled forward and latched back onto the group ahead of me.


“So these were discoveries that were so profound. And then we moved to gratitude lists, and imagery, and positive affirmations and all these things that were transforming me and enabling me to really deal with setbacks in running a lot more easier, and also in life.”


Also noted, hypnotist Nancy B Wheeler (with whom we are not affiliated) from the Portland Metropolitan Area offers an extensive roundup of hypnosis for sports champions at her website. (If we were athletes we would be on the phone booking her immediately!)

She lists, among others, Tiger Woods and, Jack Nicklaus; the 1968 multi-medal winning Swiss Olympic ski squad; boxing champs Mohammed Ali, Mike Tyson and Ingmar Johannson; baseball great Rod Carew (using hypnosis to bat .400 and achieve MVP status) among many other MLB players; Jimmy Connors in winning the U.S. Open, Steve Hooker to win the 2008 Olympic gold medal in pole vaulting; various bodybuilders; and Phil Jackson while coaching the Chicago Bulls to six NBA Champions and the Lakers to win the Western Conference finals.

The point is that the mind – specifically, the imagination – properly directed can have wonderful effects on the body.

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