Oh Hypnotically Youthful and Beautiful One!

Greetings from quarantine!  This is a picture of me with my youngest grandchild.

Grandma Wendy and Grandson

Young, beautiful and charismatic!  (Him too!)

Greetings from New Rochelle. We are one of the world epicenters of the pandemic.

Sure, I am quarantined. Lucky for me, my daughter and her husband and, especially, their beloved son are here to fill my life with joy.  And so does self-hypnosis!
We at Hypnotic Beauty Galactic Enterprises hope you, our dear readers, are well and safe. And happy. We are honored to support your safety and happiness via the Internet.

We here at Hypnotic Beauty Galactic are blessed with “lucky eyes and a high heart.” That’s the description of alluring actress (and free spirit) Maud Gonne, aka Maud Nic Ghoinn Bean Mac Giolla Bhríghde a century ago.

Maud turned down four marriage proposals from poet William Butler Yeats. She wrote to him, “Marriage would be such a dull affair. Poets should never marry. The world should thank me for not marrying you.”  What a gal!

Gonne, that dear girl, is doggone gone.
So … I stole her epithets.


Lucky eyes.
High heart.

Even quarantined, as we are, and in the face of epic uncertainty we are doing our best to spread sunshine around. Including your way. Look for our column in the April Journal of Hypnotism. It’s about how the mighty New York Times has anointed hypnosis as a great, life-transforming, thing. Hypnosis is no longer kooky and spooky.  At long last!

What else are we up to? We are looking for a venue to serialize our forthcoming book, titled Wandering in Wonder. And My Partner-in-Hypnosis, Ralph, publishes a weekly column at Newsmax chock full of great advice to the government on proven ways to get the economy roaring again.  Safely! 

All that aside, here we are, you and I. And I am here to flag your attention to a wonderful column by Rachael Schultz over there at InStyle headlined

Self-Hypnosis Should Probably Be Your Isolation Hobby: It’s Legit—and can help with basically every pandemic woe, from fortifying your immune system to reducing anxiety.


Chances are when you hear hypnosis, you think swinging pocket watches and talk of, “you are now getting very sleepy.”
That’s Hollywood’s hypnosis. The real thing doesn’t put you under a spell. It doesn’t make you blackout. No one is going to convince you to cluck like a chicken upon waking.
But what it can do is calm anxiety, numb pain, induce sleep, and balance your nervous system.
If that sounds strikingly similar to meditation — well, you’re spot on. Except during hypnosis, you’re guiding the thoughts rather than letting them pass by. You are very much driving the car — but without any effort, like zoning out on your regular route home.

The columnist goes on with a wonderfully accurate recitation of what hypnosis is and isn’t. How it works. The scientific research. Clinical applications. What it’s good for.


But there’s one or two dots the writer didn’t connect.

Hypnosis, whether self-hypnosis or induced by a capable hypnotic guide, is a sensually and emotionally delicious experience! Think deep relaxation coupled with brightened consciousness.


AND in addition to all the clinical maladies that hypnosis has been proven good for curing hypnosis has also been shown to be wonderfully effective for self-development.

Like becoming younger and more beautiful and more charismatic.


Desire these qualities for yourself? Of course you do! Don’t we all?

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PPS, Maud?

If you are out there reading this somewhere?
Remember when Yeats wrote for, and of, you:

How many loved your moments of glad grace,
And loved your beauty with love false or true,
But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you,
And loved the sorrows of your changing face;

We agree with you, Maud.
Poets should never marry.