Oh Younger, Beautiful, and Charismatic One,

Night (Nyx) and Sleep (Hypnos), Evelyn de Morgan (1878)

Did you know that stress has been scientifically proven to accelerate the aging process?

Well, it has!  (Technically it comes from stress shortening the caps called telomeres at the ends of our chromosomes.

This scientific discover won the Nobel Prize. If you want to know more specifics, email me)

So … how to ditch the stress and grow younger?

The people at HealthGrinder.com recently, took “a long look at the best ways to reduce stress based on scientifically backed evidence.”

The wonderful methods they list “range from things that you can do anywhere, at any time, to those that are done in more formal settings or require a bit more time to complete. The variety gives you a few things you can include into your day to day life to ward off chronic stress. And, keep some in reserve for when those sudden unwanted events happen.”

They list “123 science based ways to reduce stress levels.”

On the list?

You guessed it!


(Hypnosis is #1 on our list. That said, we are hypnosis connoisseurs. We know where to get the absolutely best hypnosis in the world. We love it. And we serve it up to you instead of keeping it all to ourselves. Because a pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled!  So, we’re a wee bit biased. But rightfully so!

We loved the HealthGrinder article.

In addition to hypnosis we were also delighted by #112:

Munch on Dark Chocolate!

And then, almost as delicious as hypnosis, #37:

Kiss Someone!

Pucker up!

HealthGrinder‘s litany of of proven ways to reduce stress is a 120 page book-length compilation. 123 proven ways to reduce stress and relax.


We here at HypnoticBeauty.com could thrive just on kisses, dark chocolate, and hypnosis.

Maybe you could too.  Yet if you wish for more, hey, it’s truly a great book.

This is what it says about hypnosis:

Research shows that hypnosis offered better pain and anxiety relief compared to conventional stress reduction strategies for patients who underwent elective plastic surgery.

In addition, those who went under hypnotherapy also required less medication during the surgery.

One of the benefits of hypnosis is that it is more readily available, in the form of CDs.

Listening to a self-hypnosis CD program was shown to improve the ability of one study’s participants in their ability to cope and tolerate stress from life and work. The 12 week program also made them more resilient to stressors as well as improved their diet.

So … steal a kiss, nibble some dark chocolate, and click here to download our utterly mesmerizing hypnotic beauty age-reducing, stress-reducing, MP3s and eBooklets!

We offer you the best hypnosis in the world for growing younger and more beautiful.



PS, Come on! You bring the kisses and dark chocolate. Let us provide the hypnosis!

These are our favorites of the 123 ways to reduce stress and grow younger and we’re pretty sure they will be your favorites too!  Just click on hypnoticbeauty.com and help yourself to the abundant hypnotic MP3s and eBooklets you will find there to grow younger.

A pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled. Questions?

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Kisses, chocolate, and hypnosis?

Makes sense to me!