O Thousands Of Beautiful, Young, and Charismatic Ones!

Happy February, the shortest month and embedded right in its heart is Valentine’s Day, one of our favorite Hypnotic Beauty Holidays. Yes. We Love You Right Back!

Two cool Things.

For you too busy ones, here’s the TL;dr.
(More detailed version below.)

1. Congratulations Maddi for winning our Grand Prize Superbundle!
2. May I help you, dear Reader, slip out of that straitjacket and slip into something more comfortable? ; )

Now, to the specifics. Thing One: the Contest!

We have a Big Winner!

Congratulations to the mysterious Maddi, to whom we are sending a Free Superbundle — our complete works valued at $379.00 — for offering the best answer to our riddle. What riddle is that?

(And by the way, we have invented a Second Prize – your choice of either our Beauty or Charisma Bundle –  if you still wish to play and think you may have a great answer to the Riddle! Email me your answer at Wendy@hypnoticbeauty.com.)

Reminder of the Riddle: Why do our breakthrough, awesome, next-level hypnotic audios continue to draw rave reviews — and attract thousands of new subscribers — while way too few people buy and use these powerful, lovingly curated, works? We yearn to make the whole world younger, more beautiful, and more charismatic. So we need the world to participate! This means You!

As we wrote to you on New Year’s Day:

Obviously, growing younger, more beautiful, and more charismatic is very desirable. And we have provided references to many scientific studies that support the claim that hypnosis can make you dramatically younger, more beautiful, and charismatic. Our full Superbundle is far less expensive than many beauty treatments (or charisma coaching courses), not even to mention facelifts which are astronomically more expensive… with far less impressive results than ours.

Maddi’s answer to this Riddle is that our readers don’t really believe that hypnosis works. Or don’t believe that hypnosis will actually make someone younger, more beautiful or charming. Or they don’t feel comfortable risking the (really modest!) expense of a purchase to find out.

EVEN THOUGH THERE IS ABUNDANT SCIENTIFIC PROOF, which we share with you, OF THE POWER OF HYPNOSIS IN THESE SPECIFIC AREAS!  (Silly skeptics!  But even Galileo didn’t believe that gravity kept the planets in orbit. Go figure!)

Maddi! What a clever answer! You win! (Please send us before-and-after pictures! Pretty please?)

But there’s a tiny irony. HypnoticBeauty.com, without changing a thing, went straight into its best sales month in over a year! Wowza!

Still, the Mysterious Maddi is on to Something Big. And we think she may have given us – and, more importantly, you! — a vital clue.

Would you like to know what is keeping you from wallowing in the goodies you so richly deserve?

May I help you slip out of that straitjacket and into something more comfortable?

(Hint: YES!)

So, on to Thing 2!

Most people are born inside a straitjacket called the “Critical Faculty.” It is inside our heads, invisible, but no less real. And we are so accustomed to having that Critical Faculty standing athwart our pleasures shouting STOP! that we assume that’s just how it is! WRONG!

Yes, that straitjacket, unless you know how to slither out of it, like Houdini did, will keep you from getting the abundant goodies and legitimate pleasures that are rightfully yours. Goodies like your glowing youth, radiant beauty, and astonishing charisma.

Now Hear This! Hypnosis is a mind hack that will let you slither right out of that straightjacket whenever you don’t need it!

Want a free sneak peek? Just click on READ MORE and see what’s waiting for you after the Jump.

What straitjacket???

Our favorite Grand Philosopher and Expert on Ethical Persuasion Roy H. Williams, “The Wizard of Ads,” put it beautifully in his wonderful book Magical Worlds of the Wizard of Ads  (pages 26-27):

When your rational left brain is confronted with something that is too big to comprehend, it simply compresses, reduces, and dismantles the thing until it is small enough to fit neatly onto the little screen. The left brain compresses complex data until it begins to tell us things that are not true. … The left brain will not rest until it has figured out a way to make everything in life fit within the realm of the ‘completely knowable.’ Consequently , that which is complex and wonderful is often compressed until there is nothing left but a bloodless shadow of the original wonder.


Tragically, this left-brain view of the world is regarded as the scientific perspective, and the miniaturized black-and-white images revealed on the left brain’s movie screen are the ones considered to be factual. But thank heavens, not every scientist worships at the left brain’s bureaucratic altar….

The left, logical, brain certainly has an important role in our lives. It prevents us from indulging in purely “magical thinking” disconnected from the real world. It keeps us from being gullible. And yet, way too often it projects way too much “Critical Faculty,” turning itself from our protector into a Demented Nanny tying us up inside a straitjacket. Yikesters!

If we let our left brains straitjacket our equally legitimate hypnotic right brain powers rooted in our powerful Imagination the tragedy compounds by denying us access to the superpowers that are  — have been scientifically proved to be! — our “rightful” legacy.

Powers such as growing younger.
Powers such as growing more beautiful from the inside out.
Powers such as becoming charismatic, earning the devotion and support of others.

Yes, HynoticBeauty.com and HypnoticCharisma.com promise you all of that.

And at a strikingly affordable price and easy delicious experience.

Will you let your superpowers blossom?

Will you sit down today and have a little conversation with your own Critical Faculty, thanking it for guarding you but letting it know that its role is one of our protector, not your warden. Life inside a padded cell may be safe. But it’s not much of a life.

Come on! Let me help you out of that straitjacket and slip into something more comfortable




You lucky person! You have the key to unlock your straitjacket!
It’s actually a series of keys.

Right here!

On the keyboard. Right under your fingertips, right this very moment!

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Let me help you out of that straitjacket and slip into something more comfortable!