Super Bundle: All The Hypnotic Products Combined



The Super Bundle includes all the eBooklets and audio files (mp3) from the Hypnotic Charisma series and the Hypnotic Beauty series. The 6 eBooklets and The 9 MP3s, represent a $779.81 value!

Introduction to Hypnotic Charisma-

Hypnotic Charisma

Advanced Hypnotic Charisma Book One

Advanced Hypnotic Charisma Book Two

9 Audio Files- 

Introductory Hypnotic Charisma

Hypnotic Charisma

Use of Subtext

“Per Sona” Charismatic Voice

Power Poses

Mono No Aware

Radical Self-Validation

Self-Soothing Skills

BONUS- The Power of YES

All eBooklets and audios included in this packet are immediately downloadable

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