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Hypnosis, briefly stated, is all about opening your mind to let words shape our imaginations (rather than get analyzed by our critical factor). Not for nothing is hypnosis called “the power of suggestion.” So, are we the prisoners of our own hyperactive imaginations?







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Or is it a Thing?

Science proves that it’s a Thing.

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Per an article in Science News last year by Robin Marantz Henig headlined Positive attitudes about aging may pay off in better heath:

Words matter.

In 2002 in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Levy and colleagues published an analysis of data from the Ohio Longitudinal Study of Aging and Retirement. Of 660 subjects over age 50 who had been followed for more than 20 years, those with the most negative attitude toward aging when the study began died at an average age that was 7.5 years younger than those with the most positive attitudes.

The preponderance of research evidence, collected over a decade and a half, is what gave Levy the more recent idea to turn age-stereotype activation into an actual treatment.

A dose of positivity

Levy suspected the treatment — exposing older people to positive age-related words — would work best when done on a subliminal level, rather than via cheery self-talk or other explicit reinforcement. When presented beneath the level of consciousness, she believed, positive age stereotypes could overturn long-held ageist beliefs that the mind tries to hold on to.

She and colleagues recruited 100 individuals, ages 61 to 99, who received one of four “treatments” once a week for four weeks.

Not only did the effects seem to last, but they were more robust than those seen in a comparable group of older people who were given an in-home exercise program for six months. Levy and colleagues wrote that they seemed to have created “an implicit fitness center” for older people.

“The mind and body are one,” Langer says. “We all have far more control over our health and well-being than we realize.”

In the years since, Langer has conducted dozens more studies that demonstrate the mind-body connection. In one, known as the “chambermaid study,” Langer and coauthor Alia Crum asked 84 hotel maids whether they exercised. Every one said not really. Langer and Crum then told half the volunteers that their jobs actually were exercise, and that making beds, for instance, was no different from working out at the gym. …

… With no change in anyone’s actual activity levels or food intake, the maids in the control group were virtually the same at the four-week follow-up, while those in the experimental group had lost weight (1.78 pounds on average), showed a decrease in waist-to-hip ratio, had a lower body mass index (a drop from an average of 26.05 to 25.70) and had a drop in blood pressure from an average of 130/80 to 120/75. The only difference between the two groups — other than the age difference, which the authors said they controlled for in their analysis — was a change of mind-set.

So.  There you go!

Words — meaning hypnosis — makes us younger and more beautiful

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