O Beauteous, Youthful, and Charismatic One!

First, the NGH annual convention is rapidly approaching. In only five weeks my hypno-partner Ralph and I will be arriving at the greatest annual hypnosis convention in the history of the world, that of the NGH. We are both on faculty and we, among many gifted presenters, will be presenting. So be present! If you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for? Sign up here, now.

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illustration from A Key to Physic, and the Occult Sciences (1794) by Ebenezer Sibley — Source.

As we wrote in a recent article in the Journal of Hypnotism, the Guild is the oldest, largest, and most respected professional association of nonclinical hypnotists. Not just in the world. In all history! The Guild has 25,000 members. There are only two other significant professional organizations, both for clinical hypnotists.

One is the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis. That was founded by Dr. Milton Erickson. The other one is Section 30 of the American Psychological Association. That was founded by Prof. Ernest Hilgard. Both are for mental health professionals and psychologists. The Guild was founded, primarily, by Dr. Dwight Damon.

The NGH has 25,000 members. More hypnotists, of its 25,000 members, attend its annual convention than the total 725 members of the ASCH or the total 637 members of APA Div. 30. So treat yourself to the most important hypnosis convention on Earth (and in the Universe as far as the Hubble Telescope has been able to see).

Second? “The Awesome Effect.” Science has finally proved that charisma is a form of hypnosis. So here’s what’s up with that. And here’s how – thanks to us! – you can use hypnosis to unleash “the awestruck effect” in your life.  And can add making your clients charismatic to your professional repertoire.

Lucky you!

Adam Piore, in Nautilus — the publisher of “the world’s best science writing” — wrote The Anatomy of Charisma in its February 2017 edition. It’s a great story. Click and read the whole thing. But for now…

Piore observes:

Scientists have plenty to say about charisma. Individuals with charisma tap our unfettered emotions and can shut down our rational minds. They hypnotize us.

He goes on to say:

Boyatzis and Anthony Jack … have demonstrated that emotional speakers engage with a neural pathway called the default mode network (DMN). This pathway, also known as the task-negative network, spans multiple areas of the brain (including the amygdala) and is associated with daydreaming, thoughts about others, and remembering things in the past. Interestingly, its activation is often found to be negatively correlated with the very circuits we rely upon for analytic thinking—those involved in executive functions, planning, reasoning, attention, and problem-solving. “The problem is these two networks have almost no overlap,” Boyatzis said. “They suppress each other.”


In fact, beyond shutting down our ability to reason, some scientists have found that under the right circumstances, charismatics—especially if that charisma stems from our perception of them as a “leader”—can induce a state akin to hypnotism.


We teach that the hypnotic state that used to be called “trance” is more properly like “daydreaming.”

And every good hypnotist knows that hypnosis bypasses the “critical faculty.”

So far so good.

But what about “the awestruck effect?”

Jochen Menges, a lecturer in organizational behavior at the University of Cambridge, terms the emotional impact of charisma the “awestruck effect.” He came up with the concept as a doctoral student in 2008, when he traveled to Berlin to hear Barack Obama speak in the hopes he might glean some new insights about how charismatic alchemy worked. …


… The entire crowd seemed frozen in place, entranced. Afterward, a woman next to Menges gushed that Obama’s speech was “amazing,” “wonderful,” and “awesome.” Yet when Menges asked her to name three things she liked about the speech, she couldn’t.


… By recreating the “awestruck effect” in the laboratory… Menges demonstrated something profound. While the subjects’ external emotional expression may have been subdued, the subjective emotional experience of those who were “awestruck” was every bit as powerful as those who were not.


So let’s bring this back to you. Let’s connect the dots.

You are interested in hypnosis or you would not have subscribed. Science has at long last connected the dots between hypnosis and charisma. Charisma produces “the awestruck effect.” And so can you!

Just imagine how great it will be for you to strike your listeners with awe!

Scroll down to the PS to discover how easy that can be….




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Hope to see you there!