Oh Charismatic, Youthful and Beautiful One!

We discovered in Uncommon Knowledge an article by Mark Tyrrell, a therapist, trainer and author and co-founder of Hypnosis Downloads (with which we are not connected). In it, he explores in great depth the relationship between charisma and hypnosis … and how hypnosis can raise charisma.

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Mr. Tyrrell reports on “an astonishing” piece of psychological research. Follow along….

In an astonishing piece of research a psychologist called Howard Friedman devised a test to gauge charisma levels. …
Friedman then conducted a fascinating experiment. He picked a few dozen people who had scored very high on the test, above 90 points, and a few dozen who had scored very low, below 60 points. …


He then put all the high scorers in separate rooms and paired each of them with low scorers. Picture this: They were to sit in the room together for two minutes. The high charismatic and the low charismatic could look at each other, but not talk.



Incredibly, what the researchers found was that after just two minutes without even speaking the low charismatic always picked up the mood of the high charismatic. …


If the highly charismatic person started off feeling happy and the low person was depressed, then again they’d be infected by the high charismatic’s happy mood (and remember, no talking was allowed) and the low charismatic would then feel happier as well.


So the highly expressive naturally charismatic people always led the mood and passed on their mood to the less-expressive low charismatic. But it never worked the other way. The non-expressive, low charismatic people never led the mood during those two minutes – only the high charismatics or ’emotional infectors’ could do this! Imagine the influence we can achieve just by learning to be more charismatic.


So how do these high charismatics hypnotize the low charismatics in just two minutes without talking, changing the mood of the other person just by being in the same room?

Mr. Tyrrell goes on to propose answers to that very question. We were mesmerized by his analysis — and his hypnotic script — and encourage you to click on his article at Uncommon Knowledge and explore this for yourself.

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