Oh Charismatic, Young and Beautiful One!

Is the smart set finally beginning to catch up with us (very much including you)?

Yes. At long last!

The New York Times is the most powerful newspaper in the world. What the Times puts on the front page is routinely amplified on the network and cable TV news. The New York Times writes the narrative that most of the elite world lives inside of.

And last August 15th, Bryan Clark wrote a column there focusing on charisma. Surely, it’s a matter of “great minds think alike” that his words so closely track just what we’ve been writing about charisma for five years.

Mesmer’s Baquet. date circa 1780,
Bibliothèque Nationale de France, public domain, courtesy of Wikimedia

Hello, Mr. Clark!  He writes:

The ancient Greeks described charisma as a “gift of grace,” an apt descriptor if you believe likability is a God-given trait that comes naturally to some but not others. The truth is that charisma is a learned behavior, a skill to be developed in much the same way that we learned to walk or practice vocabulary when studying a new language.

For all the work put into quantifying charisma … there are still a lot of unknowns. There are, however, two undisputed truths.
The first is that we are almost supernaturally drawn to some people, particularly those we like. Though this is not always the case; we can just as easily be drawn in by a charismatic villain.

The second truth is that we are terrible at putting a finger on what it is that makes these people so captivating. Beyond surface-level observations — a nice smile, or the ability to tell a good story — few of us can quantify, in an instant, what makes charismatic people so magnetic.

Not. So. Fast.

We here at Hypnotic Charisma Laboratories have quantified “what makes charismatic people so magnetic.” Then we developed techniques to — simply, easily and effectively — double your charisma.

Mr. Clark also draws from charisma expert Olivia Fox Cabane on whose work we also drew. She presents as its essence:

The first pillar, presence, involves residing in the moment.

We develop this capability in you with a technique we called by a Japanese name, “Mono No Aware“.

Power, the second pillar, involves breaking down self-imposed barriers rather than achieving higher status.

We called our technique for this “radical self-validation.”

The third pillar, warmth, is a little harder to fake. This one requires you to radiate a certain kind of vibe that signals kindness and acceptance.

We call our technique for this “Per Sona,” or the charismatic voice.

Mr. Clark sums it up this way:

Charisma goes beyond being a refined and engaging speaker, however. Charismatic people are well liked not just because they can tell a good story, but also because of how they make others feel. Aside from being humorous and engaging, charismatic people are able to block out distractions, leaving those who interact with them feeling as if time had stopped and they were all that mattered.

We fully agree. AND we also have discovered how and imbue our students with the power to become more charismatic up from “what” to “how.”

Then we supercharge that process by putting it into self-hypnosis MP3s which you can listen to comfortably in any safe space.

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