Vintage Hypnosis Poster ca. 1900 courtesy of Wikimedia

Our claim that hypnosis can make you physiologically younger (as well as more attractive and more charismatic) is supported by considerable scientific evidence. The evidence is intriguing even if not extensive enough to be decisive. And in spite of all the evidence the majority of people are incredulous. They take aging as a given.

The old phrase, “The march of time,” an idiom, has mesmerized most of the world into thinking that aging is a one-way street.  Not so.

We were and you are (and remain) ahead of the curve.  Yes, we can (and do) grow younger.  Now, the curve is catching up.  Lina Saigol at MarketWatch reports that

The fountain of eternal youth once sounded like pure science fiction, but now investors are pouring millions into start-ups searching for revolutionary ways to reverse the aging process. The big hope is that they will one day become a reality and turn a profit. really can turn the biological clock back. (We offer this for aesthetic — beautifying — not therapeutic purposes.) We will make you look and feel younger purely by using your own mind-body connection. The mind-body connection is also known as hypnosis.

This is scientific hypnosis. There is nothing kooky or spooky about it.

There are abundant anecdotal facts (and a small controlled experiment) that support our claim of making you younger.

That said, we are cheering the new scientific research on.  Why is that?

Once you discover the evidence that aging can be slowed and even reversed it can open your mind to the possibility that it can be done with the pure power of mind-over-matter that hypnotism offers and not exclusively by medical means.

So we welcome the fact that many millions of dollars are being poured out in search of a medical silver bullet to replicate the power we claim already exists in your own mind.  So… while cheering the investors on … we say save yourself a couple hundred mission dollars by….

The MarketWatch article reports how Juvenescence, a fund in the UK, has raised $165m to invest in (so far) 15 companies dedicated to technologies to regenerate tissues that deteriorate in old-age.  In Boston, Life Biosciences raised $50m – twice what they had originally sought to fund its daughter companies to investigating the eight pathways of age-related decline, including one of our favorites!) dysfunction in mitochondria.  And how Rejuvenate Bio is testing 60-different age-reversing gene therapies, having already claimed the ability demonstrate its efficacy on beagles.

Hang on Snoopy, Snoopy hang on!

And fyi for our fellow dog owners, we too have mastered animal hypnosis. We recommend F.A. Volgyesi’s Animal Hypnosis.

We don’t have MP3s to make your beagles, spaniels, shih tzus (like mine, hi Cody!) and other fur babies younger. But go for it!

Rover Blog shows you How to Hypnotize Your Dog in 5 Easy Steps:

“What will a hypnotized dog’s body language be like? You’re waiting to see a state known as tonic immobility. They’ll be perfectly still and limp. At this point, you should be able to release them, and they’ll remain in a tonic state.”

Back to you bipeds! We at World Headquarters don’t even use the word aging any more. We say“maturing.”

A fine wine only gets more delicious and excellent the longer it matures in its cask (where, in the very best case scenario, the oak staves hypnotize the grape juice into a $1,000/bottle elixir affordable only to the very wealthy).

As for the rest of us, the late, great, hypnosis researcher Professor Ernest Hilgard of Stanford University once defined hypnosis as “believed-in imagination.”  If the new scientific research can open your mind to the reality that “the fountain of eternal youth” is no longer “pure science fiction” and that there may be “revolutionary ways to reverse the aging process,” well… you’ve come to the right place!




What do we mean “you’ve come to the right place?”

We mean our online Shop at and scoop up a bundle of hypnotic MP3s and eBooklets and start enjoying the rejuvenescent benefits immediately.

Why grow older when you could and can be growing younger?

Help yourself to a long drink from the fountain of eternal youth today!