O Youthful, Beautiful, and Charismatic One!

Yes, all (now) thousands of you all over the world!

I have a question for you.

What if it comes down to this surprising fact: Believing is seeing!

Hi, my award-winning hypno-partner Ralph and I are just back from the NGH’s annual convention. Almost a thousand hypnotists come together from all over the world every year. We professional non-clinical hypnotists like to keep up on the latest in the profession. Ralph and I are honored to be faculty members! We’re experts.

One thing that really struck us is how many hypnotists still use the old-fashioned (and misleading) word “trance” to describe the hypnotic state. “Trance” is defined by the New Oxford American Dictionary as a “half-conscious state characterized by an absence of response to external stimuli, typically as induced by hypnosis….”

No wonder people are wary of hypnosis. But wariness is based on a completely obsolete misunderstanding.

Hypnosis makes you doubly, not “half,” conscious! In hypnosis you enter into a lovely daydreamy state.

A great word for the hypnotic state is “reverie.”

The power drawn from the hypnotic state of reverie is its power of heightening the synthetic, or artistic, power of your mind.

That said, hypnosis doesn’t turn off your analytical, or critical, mental powers. It merely relaxes them.

Hypnosis doesn’t suppress your ethical sense or your good boundaries. In hypnosis you won’t do anything you would find objectionable or hurtful in your ordinary state of mind. Hypnotic reverie simply activates the creative power of mind while allowing your critical faculty to relax, temporarily, so long as nothing warrants its reactivation.

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Ordinary, walking-around, analytic consciousness holds that “Seeing is believing.” That means we won’t believe a claim until we’ve seen evidence for it.

It’s good to be a little skeptical.

That said, there is a corollary:

“Believing is seeing.”

As Daniel Christian Wahl observes in Hackernoon:

Most people think that perception is the simple act of opening our eyes and seeing what is out there — a world made up of the clearly observable facts that constitute ‘reality’. This is not actually the case. Neuroscientists and quantum physicists agree that every act of perception also contains an act of conception. The observer and his or her methods of observation affect what is observed. Reality shows up in diverse ways depending on the way of thinking and the way of seeing we employ, and the mental models we use to make sense of what we observe.

The words, mental models and worldview we employ act as ‘organizing ideas’ that help us to structure what we see and pay attention to. These mental models shape how we see systems and processes. All too often we confuse the map with the territory. Even the systems view itself is only a map — a way of seeing relationships and interactions more clearly depending on how we define ‘the system in question’. In the real world everything is connected and interacting with everything else, boundaries dissolve into places of encounter and exchange, uniting just as much as separating one aspect of the transforming whole from another.

So … hypnosis unlocks an easy, effective, safe and delicious gentle superpower to open your mind to new possibilities. It works by dissolving blind spots and misconceptions.

Just … think of the average person’s mind as a tin can. Hypnosis is the can opener to get you in on the yummy creative power mostly sealed inside.

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