O Beautiful and Youthful One,

As Herman Hupfeld wrote (made enduringly famous in the movie Casablanca):

The fundamental things apply as time goes by.”

We agree.

How much time?

5,000 years.

Louvre Museum. Relief from the façade of the throne room, Palace of Sargon II, 713–706 BCE. Courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Follow along!

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Now? Climb into the Wayback Machine with us.

Homer created the Iliad and the Odyssey almost 3,000 years ago. Almost 2,000 years before that an unknown creator wrote what many scholars consider the oldest story in the world. It’s name is The Epic of Gilgamesh.

The world’s oldest story centers around a king finding a way to grow youthful.  We here at HypnoticBeauty.com have found the secret.

We offer to sell it to you. Better late than never!

Yet let me take you back 5,000 years. I’m leaving out a lot to jump right to Gilgamesh’s quest for youthful.

I recommend you read the whole story for yourself.  It is better than The Leftovers. I kid you not!

Better even than a Steven King novel. (And King’s the king of great story writing.)

Ready? Now’s the time for the Big Reveal.

Gilgamesh. Per the translation of Maureen Gallery Kovacs published to the Web by The Academy of Ancient Texts (Tablet XI), here goes:

Utanapishtim spoke to Gilgamesh, saying:
“Gilgamesh, you came here exhausted and worn out.
What can I give you so you can return to your land?
I will disclose to you a thing that is hidden, Gilgamesh,
a… I will tell you.
There is a plant… like a boxthorn,
whose thorns will prick your hand like a rose.
If your hands reach that plant you will become a young
man again.”

Hearing this, Gilgamesh opened a conduit(!) (to the Apsu)
and attached heavy stones to his feet.
They dragged him down, to the Apsu they pulled him.
He took the plant, though it pricked his hand,
and cut the heavy stones from his feet,
letting the waves(?) throw him onto its shores.
Gilgamesh spoke to Urshanabi, the ferryman, saying:

“Urshanabi, this plant is a plant against decay(!)
by which a man can attain his survival(!).
I will bring it to Uruk-Haven,
and have an old man eat the plant to test it.
The plant’s name is ‘The Old Man Becomes a Young Man.'”
Then I will eat it and return to the condition of my youth.”

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