Together let us us grow more youthful and beautiful.

I’m Wendy Packer, I’m one of the most highly trained hypnotists on the planet.  At the recent annual convention of the largest professional hypnotists association, the NGH, with over 1,000 professionals in attendance, I was stopped by at least a dozen people marveling at how youthful I, a grandmother, am looking.  They complimented me on the sparkle of my eyes, the luster of my complexion, and the radiance of my smile.

And they asked how I did it….

A Little Secret Just Between Us Girls

I let them (and now you) in on a little secret:  I’ve discovered some long lost easy, safe, pleasurable self-hypnosis techniques for looking beautiful and looking youthful! And I have been experimenting on myself with them.

Wowza, do they ever work!  By the way, I was honored by the National Guild of Hypnotists this year by being inducted into its most elite group, the Order of Braid Council (named after Dr. James Braid who coined the word “hypnosis”).  So… I have earned the respect of my professional peers.  And… these techniques so work!

Women spend over $8 billion a year on makeup in America alone, according to the Worldwatch Institute.  That’s more than the national income for a lot of small nations!  It’s nothing to feel guilty about.  Making yourself as lovely as possible shows both self respect and a regard for the sensibilities of others.

I’m not a superficial person — I am a Registered Nurse, the wife of a respected physician, a recognized expert on caregiving, a devoted mother and an even more devoted grandmother.  (When my grandchildren want hypnosis, they ask me to “do magic” on them.  It’s one of my favorite things!)

I am not vain but I really believe that looking young and beautiful is valuable both to oneself and the people you come in contact with — really valid.  I am proud to have people gazing at me when I walk into the room.  I’m not vain, honest, but I enjoy regularly getting mistaken for 20 years younger than I am!  Who wouldn’t?

So … together let us us grow more youthful and beautiful.

Why I’m Doing This

So … what if there is a way — a forgotten, slightly secret, way — that can make us even more attractive — and even more youthful in appearance — and is easy, safe, and pleasant to do … and really inexpensive?  Well there is!

With some help from the Indiegogo angels on November 1st I am launching a website, HypnoticBeauty.com, that will make the secrets of hypnotic beauty available to millions (billions?) of women — and, youthful handsomeness, for men! — for just a song!

I’ve been using these methods on myself for a year.  I’m astonished at how well they work.  I’ve looked at the scientific research and the ancient health secrets of the East (like meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda) … and understand how and why this works.  It’s safe.  It’s effective.  It’s easy.  And I’m making it available to the whole world.

So … together let us us grow more youthful and beautiful.