O Youthful, Beautiful, and Charismatic One!

Could being (and feeling) loved and cared for have anything to do with growing younger, more beautiful, and more charismatic?

You bet it does! 

Enter Hypnotic Love!  Let my loving voice go with you….

There have been many, many, studies of the “Placebo Effect” in medicine  “Placebo” is from the Latin and means “I will please.”  And it turns out that someone receiving treatment — the “treatment ritual” — from a practitioner with a loving, kind, connected bedside matter has better outcomes than those who do not.

In fact, some studies show that the bedside manner itself can be more powerful than the medicine!

Or as The New Yorker put it in an article, The Power of Nothing, about five years ago:

Results like those have provided scientists with chemical evidence of something they had long suspected: simply believing in a treatment can be as effective as the treatment itself. In several recent studies, placebos have performed as well as drugs that Americans spend millions of dollars on each year.

The power of the “mind-body connection.”

Follow along.

As The Power of Nothing put it,

Kaptchuk [Director of Harvard’s Program in Placebo Studies and the Therapeutic Encounter] practiced acupuncture for half his adult life. But he stopped twenty years ago. Despite the popularity of acupuncture, clinical studies continually fail to demonstrate its effectiveness—a fact that Kaptchuk doesn’t dispute. I asked him how a person who talks about the primacy of data and disdains what he calls the “squishiness” of alternative medicine could rely so heavily on a therapy with no proven value. Kaptchuk smiled broadly. “Because I am a damn good healer,” he said. “That is the difficult truth. If you needed help and you came to me, you would get better. Thousands of people have. Because, in the end, it isn’t really about the needles. It’s about the man.”

Or as Dr. Rachel Pearson states in the current issue of the New York Review of Books: “Placebos are highly effective for many conditions, and have been shown to enact neurophysiological change in patients exposed to them. That is, placebos can change your brain.”

Summarizing a recent study of the placebo effect and acupuncture for IBS, Yogablogger Olga Kabel writes How patient-practitioner relationship impacts the healing process:

So they divided 262 people into the following three groups:

  1. A wait list group that did not receive any treatment;
    2. A “dummy treatment” group with very limited practitioner interaction;
    3. A group that experienced a warm, empathetic and confident patient-practitioner relationship (in addition to “dummy treatment”).

“For group three the patient-practitioner relationship began at the initial visit (45 minutes’ duration) and was structured with respect to both content (four primary discussions) and style (five primary points).

The interviewer incorporated at least five primary behaviors including:
1. A warm, friendly manner;
2. Active listening (such as repeating the patient’s words, asking for clarifications);
3. Empathy (such as saying “I can understand how difficult IBS must be for you”);
4. 20 seconds of thoughtful silence while feeling the pulse or pondering the treatment plan;
5. Communication of confidence and positive expectation (“I have had much positive experience treating IBS and look forward to demonstrating that acupuncture is a valuable treatment in this trial”).


After only three weeks the adequate relief was reported by 28% of subjects in group one (wait list), by 43% in group two (dummy treatment) and by 61% in group three (patient-practitioner interaction with dummy treatment). So a significant number of participants in group three experienced relief of symptoms, which is “comparable with the responder rate in clinical trials of drugs currently used in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome”.


Just being treated with attention, empathy and confidence by a practitioner has a similar perceived effect as taking a drug. And the practitioner didn’t even administer any real treatment!

What might “attention, empathy and confidence” have to do with rejuvenation and charisma development? (What we offer here is strictly esthetic and social, not clinical, not curative, and not medicinal.  If you have a health concern, mental or physical, please see your doctor pronto!)

So what’s hypnosis got to do with it??

So glad you asked!

First, though, “What’s love got to do with it?”

The qualities we generally (and rightly) associate with love – such as attention and empathy – can be as powerful as actual medicine or alternative treatment. The evidence of this is compelling. So, it’s not much of a stretch of the imagination to grasp how tonic loving attention and empathy can enhance the conditions of general vitality that will make you younger, more beautiful, and charismatic.

Second, as to “What’s hypnosis got to do with it?” Prof. Ernest Hilgard of Stanford University was a hypnosis giant right up there with the likes of Dr. Milton Erickson, Ormond McGill and Dave Elman. Prof. Hilgard once succinctly defined hypnosis (in a conversation with another eminent hypnotist Dr. Michael Yapko) as “Believed-in imagination.”

How’s that for short and to the point?

McGill said, in his Hypnotic Abundance recording, at about Minute One, “Creative mind is a blending of imagination and will.”

Imagination isn’t imaginary.  It’s a Thing.  A powerful Thing.

A great hypnotist guides her subject into a state of reverie – like a daydream – and then guides her subject’s imagination toward desirable outcomes.

“Power of suggestion” = “Believed-in imagination.”

It works! It will make you younger, more beautiful, and more charismatic.

Thus, by downloading our audios and inviting my loving voice to go with you through the steps that will relax you, relax your critical-thinking factor, heighten your awareness, suffuse your mind with my words brimming with attention and empathy, and together pressing the inner “buttons” that unleash your inner beauty, youth, and charisma, we invoke the same mechanisms that make the “placebo effect” so powerful.

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